Preliminary Programme

08:00 – Welcome Coffee & Visit of the Exhibitors
09:00 – Session 1: Emergency
09:00 – Finger reconstruction: tips & tricks – S. Hugon (Namur)

09:30 – Round table: flexor tendon repair and rehabilitation – K. Drossos (Brussels), O. Barbier (Brussels), M. Pételet (Charleroi) & P. Tromme (Namur)

Free papers
10:10 – Microsurgical nerve suture with or without a vein conduit. Preliminar results of a prospective randomized study L. Ouhadi (orateur)& J. Boquet
10:20 – Extensor digiti minimi transfer for thumb extension recovery L. Drago (orateur) & S. Hugon

10:30 – Coffee Break & Visit of the Exhibitors
11:00 – Session 2: Office-based/WALANT Surgery
Office Surgery : past, present and future – Ph. Hoang (Brussels)

11:15 – EXPERIENCE in Office Surgery
Office Surgery in a University Setting – O. Mares (Nîmes – FR)
Office Surgery in Private Practice – P. Croutzet (Toulouse – FR)
Office Surgery in a “Hybrid Structure” – G. Candelier (Caen – FR)

11:50 – GATEWAY To Office Surgery
Carpal Tunnel and ultrasound surgery – I. David (Grenoble – FR)
Ultrasound surgery development – O. Mares (Nîmes – FR) & G. Candelier (Caen – FR)

WALANT and OBS : where are the limits? Panel

12:30 – Lunch & Visit of the Exhibitors
13:30 – Session 3: Radioprotection
13:30 – How to efficiently use a mobile fluoroscopy unit to lower patient radiation dose? – M. Dupont (Namur)

14:30 – Session 4: Emergency
14:30 – Masterclass: Lessons learned from 25 years of replantation surgery – O. Delaere (Jolimont) & P. Suttor (Jolimont)

15:00 – Round table: nerve repair, state of the art – N. Cuylits (Brussels), A. Lejeune (Brussels), E. Pire (Liège) & M. Pire (Liège)

Free papers
15:40 – Resurfacing capitate implant after proximal row carpectomy in advanced wrist arthritis. Retrospective study – J. Bruyneel, A. Gkotsi, A. Madani, W. El Kazzi (Brussels)

16:00 – End of meeting


BARBIER Olivier (Brussels)

CANDELIER Gilles (Caen – FR)

CUYLITS Nicolas (Brussels)

CROUTZET Pierre (Toulouse – FR)

DAVID Isabelle (Grenoble – FR)

DELAERE Olivier (Jolimont)

DROSSOS Konstantin (Brussels)

DUPONT Michaël (Namur)

HOANG Philippe (Brussels)

HUGON Sébastien (Namur)

LEJEUNE Anne (Brussels)

MARES Olivier (Nîmes – FR)

PETELET Marie (Charleroi)

PIRE Emilie (Liège)

PIRE Michel (Liège)

SUTTOR Patrick (Jolimont)

TROMME Pascal (Namur)

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